Why ‘Open to Question?’

rsz_doorI love questions – both asking and answering them. Questions signal interest and curiosity – and both are good fun!  I’m thinking here of questions posed from a sense of care and respect as well as sincere interest.

Good questions open doors onto new things we hadn’t seen or understood before.  In fact, good questions sometimes show us that these doors even exist in the first place.

Beautifully sparse open questions are at the heart of the action learning process.  They allow the presenter of an issue to unpack their thinking and assumptions at their own pace. Open questions leave lots of delicious space for the other person to swim around in, so that they can feel their own way to an answer.  Open questions create space and freedom for new learning to emerge.

Remaining open to new growth and learning is essential if we want to be engaged and alive.  In an Action Learning group, being open to others’ questions – and discovering what emerges through the answering of them – is the first step on an eye-opening journey.

I’m open to your questions about action learning and looking forward to seeing how conversations on this website develop!

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