The magic of marginal gains – or how to create major excellence through small steps

Should we all be looking for marginal gains? asks the BBC Magazine, when contemplating – amongst other things – the successes of Team GB and Team Sky in cycling. You could judge Sir Dave Brailsford, who has headed up both, as an obsessive. But the results simply speak for themselves. In reading this article, I couldn’t help but admire him for scrutinising all the elements that might affect performance, testing assumptions, experimenting with small changes.  All of these small shifts added up to big success.

From my own life and in the experience of the people I work with, I see everyday how making small changes can make a huge difference to someone’s experience and the results they create. Testing assumptions and being willing to try innovative things to see what works are also hallmarks of the Action Learning process. There is always learning to be done, and that is what can keep life and work fresh and exciting for us, if we choose to keep our eyes and ears – and minds – open.

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