Move from stuck to started and enjoy the ride of self-employment


Use the power of an Action Learning group to keep you motivated and enjoying what you do

  • Discover new energy and ideas to keep your business moving forward
  • Lift the burden of isolation
  • Make like-minded business contacts
  • Support during growth and change
  • Hone skills in problem-solving and communication
  • Affordable and fun (there’s homemade cake, too)

Experience peer support at its best.  Come and try out a half-day taster session with Open to Question.  See for yourself how being part of a small group of committed colleagues – in a supportive and confidential environment – can help you feel more energised and clear about developing your business.

What current group members say about Open to Question:

‘A valuable adjunct to the freedom of being self-employed, which can seem a lonely pursuit sometimes’

‘I have been very grateful for the support of the group, which has given me the courage and motivation to expand my business.’

‘I have discovered, and am discovering fresh ideas for my future.’

* Autumn taster details in Stroud at Spacehoppers Co-working TBC *

To find out more including how to book, contact me here.

I look forward to hearing more about you and your business!


‘My experience of Open to Question has been really positive. It is really useful to have a forum for open and honest discussion of issues with people I trust and who are so supportive. The process of asking open questions and not imposing our own opinions on others in the group has been powerful and on a number of occasions people have had moments of realisation where things they thought were important turned out not to be. Bonnie has been excellent at guiding us through the process and gently keeping us on track.’

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