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I love bringing people together and creating community – the relief and buzz that can come about when people relax into knowing they can be truly themselves and bring all of who they are.  Even more satisfying when they also discover ways they can help each other.

I love bringing people together, giving a bit of structure, launching it into the group and at that moment feeling excited because I don’t know what is going to happen!  I love seeing what happens when I step back and wait – what comes back and grows within the group.

I know how to create a safe, affirming, fun environment – and I love seeing how I can do that, help people feel less alone, and then see the amazing ways that this process frees up others’ creativity, hope, curiosity, fun and enjoyment.

I am passionate about using both my energy and a strong reflective side to enable the best participation from everyone and a satisfying group process.

I have a passion for face-to-face work and experiential learning.

My own journey to this work is one of coming out of isolation and fear, to growing more and more of these wonderful qualities listed above in my own life.


Where have I achieved this?  I have worked in the US, Russia and the UK:

  • Action Learning Associates – both face-to-face and virtual action learning work in charity sector
  • Psychotherapy and counselling work – over 10 years’ experience, including volunteering at a bereavement service and private practice
  • Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre and Quaker meetings – facilitated sessions with Quaker employees and employers to support good working practice and healthy relationships
  • Friends House Moscow (Quakers) – chaired international governing board of Quaker social justice project in Russia
  • The Children’s Society and Lambeth Primary Care Trust – organised and designed projects and workshops with young people and influenced local NHS service delivery
  • Alternatives to Violence Project – co-facilitated experiential workshops focusing on affirmation, communication skills and conflict transformation
  • Schools, educational summer camp and private lessons – taught Russian and English as foreign languages to children and adults; encouraged and enabled dialogue

I am available for consultation or facilitation with individuals, groups and organisations.  Contact me on 07931 806243 or on skype (my ID is bonnie.grotjahn) for details.

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