Open to Question groups

What is an Open to Question group?

  • Small group of no more than 6 peers
  • Contract to meet on a regular basis
  • Facilitated for length of contracted period
  • Use an action learning approach (introduced and guided by facilitator if necessary)
  • Action learning is a structured process that makes time and space for one person at a time to present an issue they would like help with
  • Other participants ask good open questions (not give advice, tempting though that can be!) that allow the presenter to discover both fresh ideas from their own thinking and new clarity about next steps.
  • Participants give and receive encouragement and feedback
  • Each group reviews how well it is working at each meeting.

Freelancers, artists and the self-employed benefit through making closer links with peers, whether for possible collaboration, cooperation or in helping each other clarify their thinking and identify possible untapped resources.  An Open to Question group for freelancers is particularly rich when members work in different fields.  Likened by one recent participant to a form of group coaching, the safe space of Action Learning can be a powerful way to realise that although we may run our businesses as a one-person band, we are not alone!

If this speaks to you or someone you know, or you’d like to find out more, check out the rest of the website or contact Bonnie on 07931 806243 to register your interest.

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