Surprisingly powerful as well as delivering practical ways forward. – PT

Bonnie’s delivery of action learning is impeccable.  She has an innate understanding of what it means to listen, support and guide a group and bring a session to a conclusion which is of benefit to the presenter as well as the wider group.  Her care for the group and the outcome is genuine which for me is a very important element of this process.  I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Bonnie to anyone considering Action Learning.  – DB

A really interesting, creative and supportive process for helping people to self-solve an issue.  – AD

Excellent [facilitation] – very clear, articulate and well-held.  – NF

[I] gained an understanding of how action learning can help not only the person who is presenting but those who are questioning.  A good way to slow down and reflect issues and develop solutions. Bonnie facilitated the session very well, asking just the right question at the right time, and keeping us all on track, whilst creating a collaborative atmosphere.  – OS

Come along, arrange a place… learn how to present your own issue and manage to listen deeply when asked good, open questions, even as you consider how best to respond.  Be as open as possible, everything is confidential, even between members… so you’ll be safe.  – FB

2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. I feel very alone in my business, and rather anxious about how best to take it forward, if forward it goes at all …
    If this is something which you can help with please let me know, thanx x

    1. Hi Claire – thanks for your comment. It takes courage to say what you have! It does sound like being part of a group could be a good support for you and could help you develop your thinking. I hope this is OK but I’ve emailed you separately to ask a couple questions to see what might be best.

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